Upcoming Events
  • 11+ Presentation for parents and pupils in Year 5 on Thursday 4th June 5:30PM

Brief History

The original school building was erected in 1872.  In the 1950s nine classrooms were erected and a hall and three classrooms built in 2000. Presently we have 3 classes of up to 30 children in each year group at our school. In 2009 over £250 000 was spent on extensive redecoration, repairs and refurbishment of the original school building and the 9 wooden clad classrooms. In 2011, £60000 was spent updating our facilities to meet the requirements of any disabled person. We have recently redesigned and decorated our Year 3 and 4 classrooms and provided new furniture and carpets in each room.

With the help of our active PTFA, the school is well equipped for all aspects of the National Curriculum and other activities, including 10 laptops in each class and 30 in our IT suite. PE plays a prominent part in the school. We offer many of opportunities for children to experience a wide variety of sports and represent the school, whatever their ability.

However, we do compete actively against other local schools and have achieved some notable successes in football and athletics in recent years. There is  a good choice of after school clubs and we have been awarded the Active Mark from the National School Sports Strategy.



General Information


afterschool clubs

Please use the side gates to access the school premises when collecting your children from clubs as the main gates will be locked.




Late for school

Please be advised that the gates will be locked at 8.50 am and registers will be taken soon after. Any  pupils arriving late will be monitored.

 A B S E N C E

school absencesIf your child is absent from school for any reason, call the office that morning, explaining the circumstances. Permission to miss school for holidays will not be authorised. Unreported absences are recorded as unauthorised. (01233- 623744)


    Your duty of caregate safe

Please use the pedestrian gates at the front  and bottom playgrounds when dropping and collecting your children in the morning and at the end of the day.

If you are late, do not lift your children above the fencing and make them ‘jump’ the fence. This is a dangerous practice as your child could easily slip and hurt herself/himself on the fence, leave home earlier so as not to be late.